All that You Need To Know About Wolf Dual Fuel Ranges

Since its beginning more than 70 years prior, Wolf has set up a good foundation for itself as one of the most pursued makers of cooking hardware on the planet, with Wolf’s Dual Fuel range demonstrating a well known decision for large numbers of the world’s top gourmet experts. All Wolf items are hand implicit the USA, brag exemplary plan provisions and proposition unparalleled cooking execution. Without a doubt it’s these provisions that make Wolf cookers so engaging yet there’s something else to a Dual Fuel range besides at first meets the eye.

Adaptability and execution

As the name recommends, Wolf Dual Fuel ranges offer the smartest possible solution, conveying the two gas and electric cooking. On the outer layer of the reach, the double stacked gas burners offer most extreme adaptability; from the slightest fire for softening chocolate direct in the skillet or delicate stewing, to a thundering 4.8kW hotness for singing and sautéing There are nine unique gas top arrangements to browse, including an expert French Top, charbroiler and frying pan top.

The Dual Fuel range is accessible in three size setups; 914mm, 1219mm and 1524mm, each size range offering an assortment of models with various surface design choices. While the 914mm model might be the littlest of the pack, it has a colossal 153 liter limit – more than abundant space for a conventional meal supper with every one of the decorations. At the opposite finish of the scale, the 1524mm Dual Fuel range has two 127 liter limit stoves – ideal for those with a ton of mouths to take care of or for the strains of an expert kitchen climate.

The broiler pits are self-cleaning, double convection electric stoves, with four warming components and two fans. The remarkable double convection framework found inside Wolf machines conveys even temperature and wind stream all through the stove, bringing about uniformly prepared food without fail. The stove offers ten distinctive cooking modes:

• Bake

• Roast

• Broil

• Convection

• Convection Bake

• Convection Roast

• Convection Broil

• Proof

• Bake Stone (requires prepare stone frill)

• Dehydration (requires extra frill)


Just as giving top-quality cooking execution, the Dual Fuel range likewise flaunts great looks and exemplary plan highlights. Outwardly, its treated steel outside and rough control handles make the reach a delight to view. Within is a striking cobalt-blue porcelain stove inside, making the reach right away unmistakable as a Wolf.

On the facade of the reach is a hidden flip down control board and computerized temperature read-out, that permits you to actually take a look at the situation with the broiler without twisting down.


Just as a choice of sizes and gas top arrangements to browse, there are likewise various embellishments accessible for the Wolf Dual Fuel range which further grow its flexibility. Some well known frill for the Dual Fuel range include:

• Red Knob Kit

• Black Knob Kit

• Stainless Steel Risers

• Bake Stone

• Oven Racks

• Two-Piece Broiler Pan

• Two-Burner Wok Grate

• Two-Burner S-Grate

• Hardwood Cutting Board

• Dehydration Racks with Door Stop

• Full expansion metal ball rack

• Cobalt blue baking plate

• Grill dish and temperature test

• Temperature test

The Wolf Dual Fuel range is a definitive double fuel range cooker, offering elements and levels of execution like no other. Wolf broilers are worked to withstand the anxieties and strains of expert kitchens yet additionally make an optimal option to the home kitchen. In case you’re searching for a trendy reach cooker that performs at an expert norm, look no farther than a Wolf.

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