The Complete Teachings On How To Become A True Christian

This article could appear in many forms like ”Mentorship On How To Become A True Christian”, ”The Complete doctrine On How To Become A True Christian,” ”The Complete Teachings On How To Become A True Believer,” or even ”The Complete Teachings On How To Become A Christian”, In either case if you want to know what Christianity is all about then make sure to at least go through the entire article.

Take note of the following:

Complete: From start to end.

Teachings: Based on experience, know how and experiment.

True Christian: There are Christians that are naive. They come to Church because they think they will find good people there, better friends, wives and husbands. There are false Christians. They come to church knowing why people come to church and they will take advantage of them.

Talking about Church, a church is a spiritual house, well said the shrine of God. No human authority has power over the church. We are not fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, free, slave, bosses, rich, poor. We are all ruled and governed by a spiritual authority known as God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost.

Doctrine: This word sounds like so dog train right? That doesn’t mean human beings are dogs, but they also have to undergo some training.

Believer: Is someone that believes there is the existence of a positive divine being ”God”, ”Angels” and a negative divine being ”Devil” and ”Demons”

Let’s get into the heart of this article ”Complete Teachings On How To Become A True Christian”.

What is man: Man is a spirit being that has a soul and lives in a body. Man is not like a dog that when it dies it is buried and that’s the end of story, when man dies, the spirit lives on. The spirit of man is in constant hunger of spiritual power and understanding.

Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity, his followers are known as Christians. Christianity is based on the existence of God. The Bible said ”In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God and the word became flesh and dwell among men.” If you read the Bible clearly, you will find out it was the word in action ”God.” The new testament is when the word became flesh and dwell among men ”Jesus Christ.” Jesus Christ was a man blameless of no sin. He was known to be 100% God and 100% man. How did he succeed to achieve this? Through the help of the Holy Ghost and through prayer.

The Holy Ghost is the third member of the trinity. That Doesn’t make him lower than God the father nor God the son like most people have doctrine you. God the father = God the son = God the holy spirit. Is a person. That means has emotions, can be pleased displeased, can love, can hate. Lives in a body ”you”

Since man is a spirit, the spirit of God lives in your spirit. Knowing how to become a true Christian will require you to live by the spirit and not your 5 senses. You have what is known as the inner man. Added to this inner man is the Holy Spirit. Listen to it for inner guidance.

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How To Pray Effectively

The form at which we are able to talk to this spiritual being is known as prayer. And you don’t have to talk differently, talk same way as you will talk to a father as while as a friend. The Bible said ”Greater love had no man than this that he will lay down his life for his Friends.” The Bible was referring to God the father as a father and to God the son as a friend and later you will notice the bible later brings God the Holy Ghost.

You have to know the power of each of these 3 spiritual being in the form of 1. God the father used God the Holy Spirit to create earth. God the father has command over God the Holy spirit and God the Holy spirit has creation power. God the son used God the Holy Spirit to maintain himself as 100% man and 100% God. And also used him to raised from the dead. Since God the Holy Spirit needs a body to function on earth, God the son made his body 100% available to God the Holy Spirit. And the power to restore live comes from the creation power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ was constantly praying talking to the father for guidance, encouragement and inspiration. To become an expert in any area, you have to know what you are dealing with, how to deal with it, when to deal with it and why to deal with it. So let’s try to explain God answering the basic questions what, how, why, when. As you can see this set of questions has the earth number. Let’s try to stay on earth when we are dealing with God.

What is God? God is a spirit.

From here we are going to be answering a very important question. How to read the Bible? The Bible is a book explaining who God is, how he is and why he is. The Bible is divided into 2 sections known as the old testament and the new testament. The beginning of the old testament tell us God is a word. And if you read through the old testament you will find out it involves man’s dealings with God. Talk about Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses Isaiah… The old testament will show you how God dealt with man and how man dealt with God in return. You will see those that succeeded with God till the end and those that failed.

The new testament is about God becoming flesh ”Jesus Christ” born by a virgin Mary. You will find his existence and teaching in the books of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. 1 of his greatest apostles is a man named Saul who later became Paul. If you go into deeper studies, you will find out this man was a mass killer of Christians and he was converted himself as a Christian and the whole teachings of the new testament is based on his teachings.

How to become a true Christian doesn’t involve going to church because you are trying to be good, look for a wife or husband, meet good people. It involves understanding your spiritual power.

Your spiritual power involves prayers to the 3 different spiritual beings. Most people will tell you these spiritual beings don’t speak back. But it will be complete foolishness if you are talking to someone and in return they don’t speak back. They do speak back. Like in every organisation each member has to be respected. The Holy Ghost has the power to strengthen your spirit, God the son has the key to the gates of hell. He can show you there do exist demons and God the father has the power to heaven. He can show you there do exist heaven.

How do we produce the baby here? God the Holy Ghost has the power to strengthen your spirit for heaven, God the son has the power to show you there are actually forces that can stop you to know there do exist a heaven and God the father is the only one with the power to let you visit heaven.

So you have known what God is, a spirit being that exist in 3 forms. Now how do you stimulate God. You can do that through prayers. The bible said ”pray without season.” The next question is why do you want to get God involved? The only thing that makes God, God is that he is able to perform things that man can’t perform known as miracles. Praying to God to heal a worn on your leg or to get you a girl friend will not easy gets God attention. These 2 are human possible. God likes it when it is human impossible. Don’t just take my word, read the Bible and find out about the test of the 300 with Joshua.

Since we are dealing with what goes on here on earth then we can’t ignore relationships.

How to become a better friend, wife husband?

The Bible is also a living style. The day you get that revelation, your whole Christian life will change. The Bible said ”Love your neighbor as yourself.” It can also mean love your friend as yourself. In Paul’s teaching he said ”Husbands love your wives as Christ had loved the church and wife respect your husbands.” Becoming a Christian doesn’t just mean going to Church, reading your Bible. It also depends on how you see your fellow human beings and relate to God.