Antique Diamond Rings Have Special Value

Antique diamond rings retain special value. Since they have had a former life, often within a family, they have special value and are an especially nice gift or possibly a special engagement ring, because they have a particular sentimental value.

Antique rings from other sources can also dispense a special or very romantic value to those who prize history, or even romantic notoriety.

Purchasing an antique diamond ring

If purchasing an antique diamond ring, it should only happen after you have identified the ring and you know what the special qualities are that classify and qualify the diamond ring as an antique ring. For the ring to be classified as antique, it should be at least one hundred years old. This can be determined by examining the certificate which will designate the origin and the original date of purchase.

A certificate should be able to determine the diamond’s origin, and many diamond rings can be traced back to origins in the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian era, although these are not all that could qualify.

Many of these antique diamond rings are charming and priceless because of the fact they have history. Antique rings have stories that attach them to royalty, notable people, special notorious romantic involvements, and sometimes even romantic tragedies, which make the ring both interesting and especially romantic.

These antique diamond rings should always be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which adequately supports any verbal or implied claims of it’s history. If you are dealing with a reputable dealer, such a certificate should be available to support these claims.

Even with this documentation, it is a wise idea to have it checked by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which is the one organization that can assure you of the accurate gradation and authentication of a diamond.

How to best use an authentic antique diamond ring Antique diamond rings are in a special class by themselves, since they are only in limited supply, and they have stories to tell. The best use of an antique diamond ring is for a special gift to someone you especially love. That could include your fiance, for a very romantic engagement or wedding ring, your wife as a special gift to remind her just how loved and valued she is, or to your mother to signify how much you appreciate all her efforts. unqualified love, and support.

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