Extreme Fitness Workouts Equal Extreme Results

There is an increasing trend among fitness enthusiasts, athletes and bodybuilders known as extreme fitness workouts. Popularized by Tony Horton’s immensely successful P90X program, extreme fitness is your secret weapon if you want to lose weight, build muscle or otherwise get fit fast. Don’t be fooled it is called extreme for a reason. The P90X is a great extreme fitness training course created by fitness instructor Tony Horton which works around the theory of muscle confusion. It was made for beginners all the way through to advanced users. P90X is an extremely strenuous training session and diet plan program.

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The workouts are intense and incinerate calories like nothing you’ve ever tried before so you are advised not to go it alone. With P90X for example Tony Horton is your coach on the DVD’s and guides you through a 90 day program intended to strip off the fat and get you leaner than you have been in years. The workout routines tend to be very difficult however; you may vary them with a few less difficult methods, while also doing the training at your individual pace. P90X isn’t about swift fixes or miracle weight loss plans.


Unlike most infomercial workout videos this extreme fitness training program is twelve discs each about one hour long containing everything from resistance training to cardio to yoga and kempo. Your body will be challenged in ways you didn’t think possible. There is even a one hour video of nothing but stretches. The 10 Minute Trainer Deluxe is totally new program and includes everything required to not merely get rolling, but to development further in the course together with advanced exercises and extra resistance bands. Tony’s Super Stacking method is one of the most successful methods to obtain a complete and total entire body workout in as few as ten minutes.

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