Facts To Be Known About Blogging

The term ‘Blog’ is the shortened name of Web Log. It is thus a website and comprises text, hypertext, images and links to other web pages https://paretolawrence.co.uk/. The act of making addition of articles to the existing blog is termed ‘Blogging’. Individual articles so posted are termed blog posts, posts or entries. One who posts these entries is called a ‘blogger’. These postings are arranged in reverse chronological order; the latest being featured first.

The concept of blog emerged in late 1990, coinciding with web publishing tools such as HTML and FTP. Blogs usually cover certain specific areas such as web design, home staging, sports, or mobile technology. Other blogs may present link to other types of links. There may be yet other blogs dealing with political activities, personal experiences of the author.

Most of the good quality blogs have provision for interaction, wherein visitors are allowed to make their own comments and exchange message through GUI widgets on the blogs. The objective of blogging is not only to make contents for posting onto their respective blogs, but they adopt it as a medium for establishing and maintaining social relationship. There are a number of ways in which blogging is utilized such as remarks and views on specific topics, personal diaries, and brand advertisement of a company. Blogs have certain common features such as a main content area, with articles arranged chronologically, an archive of earlier files, a way for visitors to leave their comments, a list of links connected to other sites, called blogroll and feeds such as RSS, Atom or RDF files.