A Look at the Modern Culture of Bodybuilding Today

A while back, body builders were treated with respect and dignity. Body building was seen as the perfection of personal determination and self control. Body building was and is still regarded as a very demanding volition, one that can only driven to the fields to success by a personal discipline greater than required anywhere else.

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But of late, most non-body builders no longer think of body building in such high esteem. We have lost our honor to impunity. Our character has failed to sustain the image created by our forefathers. Succeeding in body building is no longer viewed as it was, a perfection of will and determination. In fact, most people think that body builders are losers, extremists and psychos at the very least. Why? Why the loss of goodwill? What has spoiled our repute?

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To begin with, steroids and steroids abuse has had a very negative impact on the fame of body builders. Other sports have been very strict against the use of steroids by sportsmen and women. Winners have been stripped of their medals and titles for the suspicion, not proof, suspicion of using steroids. Careers have been stopped cold by detection of steroid use. When we see a man break the 100m record during the Olympics, we stand and cheer, respecting and adoring his speed and athleticism. When we see a man or woman give an exceptional performance in a field event of the Olympics or any other major international or national competition, we hecko the talent.

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